About Transport in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has an extensive road network for inland transportation. With more than 100,000 km of paved roads, it has one of the highest road densities in the world (1.5 km of paved roads per every 1sq.km. of land). E-grade highways are the latest addition to Sri Lanka’s road network. These are access-controlled, high-mobility roads with permitted speeds up to 120 km/h. These highways connect local communities’ together, by-passing busy and congested town centers.

A and B grade roads are national (arterial) highways administered by Road Development Authority. C & D grade roads are provincial roads coming under the purview of the Provincial Road Development Authority of the respective province. The other roads are local roads falling under local government authorities.

Rail network of Sri Lanka consists of main line, coastal line, and up-country line. In addition, there are small contributions from air and water based media, to the inland transport of the country.

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