FAQ’s About Rent a Car Services Sri Lanka

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation ?

Please refer the booking details at this website or you can call us any time.

Can I rent a car with an International license?

Yes of course. Just needs a valid International driving license and you must include your present passport copy with your license.

What do I need to bring with me to the counter or Air port, when I pick up the car?

You need to bring the reservation copy of WALK IN LANKA email, which was emailed to you when reservation was made. Copy of driver license and the passport.

What kind of vehicle documents will I receive when I collect the vehicle?

In Sri Lanka the only rental vehicle documents (Vehicle insurance & Vehicle license) that you will receive at that time the vehicle is picked up will be rental agreement contract. The WALK IN LANKA agreement is the only document you will need, and all necessary information pertaining to the vehicle’s license, which you may need to present to the local authorities if requested, will be included in the rental agreement.

What should I do if I have an accident or a vehicle break down?

In the event of an accident the Hirer must have to inform to us, WALK IN LANKA Hotline immediately. And an accident informs the nearest police station and obtains a copy of full statement before returning the vehicle to WALK IN LANKA. The hirer is responsible for all accident repairs not covered under Insurance Irrespective of whose fault it may be. The costs for accident repairs will be assessed and deducted from hirer’s security bond**. If the damages exceed the value of the security bond an insurance claim will be made.

**A Security bond is a refundable deposit that is used as a form of protection by WALK IN LANKA whilst you are renting a vehicle.

WALK IN LANKA undertaking repairs that could be carried out by experienced automobile engineers.

WALK IN LANKA will carry out all repairs. Also in an event where WALK IN LANKA assistance in not possible the Hirer could carry out the repair (minor only) at a garage convenient to him/her following operator’s approval. Any such costs will be refunded to the Hirer upon submission of original costs bills.

How can I guarantee the make and model of the car I book on your website?

WALK IN LANKA maintains a large fleet of vehicles in Sri Lanka. So it is 100% guaranteed you will get exactly the same vehicle you book on our website. WALK IN LANKA prime concern is been in offering a safe and comfortable ride something which we have never failed in offering to WALK IN LANKA customers.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I make the reservation?

Yes. You need to pay 20% of your total fee into one of the accounts listed in WALK IN LANKA website. Reservation would not be confirmed until WALK IN LANKA receives the payment.

How can I change or cancel my reservation?

You can use WALK IN LANKA hotline or WALK IN LANKA email to change or cancel reservations. Please note that cancellations and changes should be done 7 days prior to the pickup date of the vehicle. If a cancellation is done after that a deposit fee will not be refunded.

How do I extend my rental period and will it change my rate?

Yes. You can extend your rented vehicle, but you have to inform WALK IN LANKA to before seven days prior to the return date of the vehicle. If your rented vehicle is not booked for someone else, hirer can continue to same vehicle. However if the said vehicle is not available a replacement vehicle can be provided.
A fresh agreement has to be signed for an extended period of daily rental will be charged. 

Do I need to clean the vehicle before I return it?

Yes. Otherwise Rs.650/- or USD 5.00 will be charged for cleaning.

If I rent a vehicle with driver option, do I have to bear driver’s expenses such as driver meals, accommodation?

Yes, you will be charged additional Rs.1,000/- per day unless the hirer provides such facilities.

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