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Kitulgala is the adrenalin-sports capital of Sri Lanka. For the moment most visitors are the young and energetic of Colombo, but more and more foreign visitors are starting to discover the delights of white-water rafting, jungle trekking, bird watching and cave exploration.

The town’s other main claim to fame is that David Lean filmed his 1957 Oscar-winning epic Bridge on the River Kwai here. You can walk down a pathway to the filming site along the banks of the Kelaniya Ganga. The pathway is signposted on the main road, about 1km from Plantation Hotel in the direction of Adam’s Peak. It is virtually impossible to head down the path without attracting an entourage of ‘guides’ who expect a few rupees for their troubles. If you know the film you’ll recognize some of the places. Apparently the actual railway carriages used in the movie now lie at the bottom of the river, after being sunk in an explosive conclusion. You’ll have to bring your own scuba gear if you want a look.

A few kilometers from Kitulgala is a large cave system where the 28,500-year-old remains of early humans were discovered. Many hotels in the area can arrange a guide to the caves.

Things to Do:
Kelaniya Gaga Whitewater Rafting / Kitulgala Jungle Trekking / Kitulgala Bird watching / Cave Exploration / Camping / Hiking / Photos Shoots/ BBQ Nights / Adventure Activates / Boat Riding

Approximately Time & Distance from Colombo: 2 h 34 min (91.8 km)

Province: Sabaragamuwa Province | District: Kegalle District

Luxury Hotels in Area:
Forest Edge | Approximately Price Range: 80 to 90 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Royal River Resort | Approximately Price Range: 70 to 80 USD | Click here to see the hotel

Normal Hotels in Area:

Kitulgala Rest House | Approximately Price Range: 60 to 70 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Kithulvilla Holiday Bungalow | Approximately Price Range: 50 to 60 USD | Click here to see the hotel


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