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Tangalla is the gateway to the wide-open spaces and wide-open beaches of southeast Sri Lanka. It’s the last town of any size before Hambantota and has some old world charm. But you’re really here to find your perfect beach and revel in it. The name of the town in Sinhala means “projected rock”, a reference to the rocks which form the coastline in the town area, which contrasts with the sandy beach of the surrounding areas. Another rationale is that the name is derived from ran-gala or “golden rock”, which relates to a local legend that a holy man once ate a meal there and the rock was turned to gold. Tangalle is a regionally important fishing port and a center of tourism. In the city center there is an old Dutch fort which is used as a prison today.

Things to Do:
Tangalle Beach / Surfing / Tangalle Lagoon / Boat riding / Photo Shoots / BBQ Nights / Mulkirigala rock Temple / Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary / Romantic Dinner Plans

Approximately Time & Distance from Colombo: 3 h 12 min (192.0 km)

Province: Southern Province | District: Hambantota District

Luxury Hotels in Area:
Ranna 212 | Approximately Price Range: 120 to 130 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Paradise Cabanas and Villas | Approximately Price Range: 90 to 100 USD | Click here to see the hotel

Normal Hotels in Area:
Ananthaya Beach | Approximately Price Range: 70 to 80 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Mawella Beach Resort | Approximately Price Range: 60 to 70 USD | Click here to see the hotel


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