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Trincomalee (Trinco) had a rough time in the war, but this fascinating town is beginning to thrive again. Sitting on one the world’s finest natural harbors, Trincomalee is old almost beyond reckoning: it’s possibly the site of historic Gokana in the Mahavamsa (Great Chronicle), and its Shiva temple the site of Trikuta Hill in the Hindu text Vayu Purana. Most people just pass through the city on their way to the nearby beaches of Uppuveli and Nilaveli, but the town has some charm, lots of history and an interesting mélange of people.

Trincomalee’s superb deep-water port has made it the target for all manner of attacks over the centuries: by the British takeover in 1795, the city had changed colonial hands seven times. Today the Sri Lankan armed forces control Fort Frederick, along with the British-built airfield China Bay, to the south.

Things to Do:
Explore Trincomalee Beach / Explore Nilaveli Beach / Beach Activities / Diving / Marble Beach / Kanniya Hot Springs / Koneswaram Temple / Trincomalee War Cemetery / Seruwila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara / Water Sports / Kite-surfing / Kiting / Photo Shoots / BBQ Nights / Adventure Activates / Boat Riding

Approximately Time & Distance from Colombo: 5 h 24 min (304.5 km)

Province: Eastern Province | District: Trincomalee District

Luxury Hotels in Area:
Nilaveli Beach Hotel | Approximately Price Range: 120 to 130 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Anantamaa Trincomalee | Approximately Price Range: 90 to 100 USD | Click here to see the hotel

Normal Hotels in Area:
Pigeon Island Beach Resort | Approximately Price Range: 90 to 100 USD | Click here to see the hotel
Pigeon Island View Guest House | Approximately Price Range: 40 to 50 USD | Click here to see the hotel


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